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Day 7 – Napali Coast

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Today was our big snorkelling trip with Captain Andy Na Pali Snorkel Adventure – another bright and early start through a big traffic jam – who thought they’d have such traffic problems on an island resort but there we were at a complete standstill – thank god, nobody travels at the speed limit otherwise we never would have made it to the other side of the island in time – as it was we were quite late.

Our adventure was onboard a large catamaran that didn’t have a lot of shade so I had visions of turning into a bright beetroot – admittedly one with a dodgy skin condition – the only good thing about the skin condition is that you can’t tell between the skin condition and sunburn – the only giveaway is my constant scratching……..I was so over it by now – nothing was alleviating it – it was just getting worse and worse day by day – now my legs, arms and hands were bright red covered in little tiny blisters – the creams and sprays only worked for about 30 minutes before I need another dose – my bag was starting to look like a mini pharmacy as I tried different lotions – and I was starting be bit grumpy as well……

Nevertheless, we were on our way to the Napali Coast – this is famous for having the second highest sea cliffs in the world (the highest being on Molokai) and was the number one attraction of Kauai. It’s a long boat ride out to the cliffs – you literally start at the southern most point and head due west until you come to the cliffs – once you’re on the western side the island is exposed to all the wind as there is nothing between it and Southern China – so it’s a bumpy ride out – but once you’re there you just marvel at the sheer size of the cliffs and canyons and wonder how the ancient Polynesians survived on the cliffs and valleys – they used to build long ropes and hoist themselves up over the ridges and down the other side.

During the ride we saw turtles and dolphins – these dolphins are very fast little buggers and it’s almost impossible to get a photo since they’re so fast – they also have the reputation of being the most promiscuous animals on the planet – apparently they have mate with anybody at least 6 or 7 times a day and there were quite a few of them having fun while we were there………

On the way back we stopped off for a snorkel – there were heaps of fishes and I managed to swim with a giant green turtle – you’re not allowed to touch a turtle in Hawaiian unless you want $2500 fine. The coral isn’t as bright as the Great Barrier Reef but you’re not swimming at the base of 1500 ft cliffs at the GBR either…..

After the snorkel it was lunch and then a very bumpy ride home – a word of warning – don’t ever bring anything that can be damaged to the Napali Coast – everything gets soaking wet and thrown around………

We finally made it back to shore about an hour late which was a pain because our Luau was on tonight and we had to get to from one side of the island to the other, get changed and then head back out again – so it was the fastest change ever before we arrived at our Kilohana Plantation Dinner 40 minutes late – but in true Hawaiian spirit nobody really cared that we were late and we seated at a beautiful table overlooking a courtyard decorated with oil lamps and the lone rooster running to everybody’s table picking up the scraps. What would dinner be without a chicken…….?

As soon as we sat down we were presented with a purple orchid lei and a glass of champagne and because we were late we told to get started on our entrees – I had a leek tart, followed by island salad with lots of tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and this was followed by huge pork ribs – Helen and I were wondering how we were ever going to fit in dessert when the waiter said we could have dessert after the show – what a relief.

After our main course we were led over to the main stage area (where the plebs were having their buffet dinner) by Hawaiians dressed in local Polynesian costume holding these huge flame torches. Once in the stage area we were given front row seats to the show. Helen and I thought the show was going to be a bit cheesy but to just go with the flow and enjoy it – afterall it couldn’t be any worse than the singing we heard the previous day. The show was about how the Tahitians left Tahiti to journey to Kauai and it was a stage extravaganza – it had everything - dancing, hulas, singing, boats on stage, torch dances and this one particular guy who was the most amazing torch dancer you’ve ever seen – he had the whole crowd on their feet clapping at the end of the show. During the show they selected people and had them up dancing as well – being in the front row we couldn’t escape this and suddenly I’m between two very scantily dressed males writhing about - but luckily it only lasted a few minutes.

After the show it was back to the Plantation Owner’s house for Banana Cream Pie and then a look at the shops – the shops were weird – they were either extravagantly expensive – like you’re casually going to spend $14,000 on a new diamond and pearl necklace or quite cheap – and by cheap I’m talking about dashboard hula girls here…….. – but after all the sun and excitement of the day we were happy just to flop into bed………..

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