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Day 8 – South Kauai

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Just before getting into bed, Helen announced that she would be spending the day at the resort trying to get her client sorted out – by some miraculous intervention she thought she was going to be able to work on the catamaran yesterday while we were sailing out – the bumpy ride with the water crashing into the cabin didn’t help her realise her ambitions.

So it was just me heading out to South Kauai today in the trusty Nissan – all black – it’s quite a dumb colour for a tropical island but at least it wasn’t a pick up truck – I’d never be able to have parked it. My first destination was Koloa a quaint village in South Kauai – the problem was that I missed the turn off – at no point were there any signs to turn despite the town continually being listed – e.g Koloa 9 miles. So I ended up at the Kauai Coffee Plantation which wasn’t a bad thing since I was in dire need of a real coffee. The plantation is mainly just coffee trees (duh) and a gift shop for you to buy lots of coffee related products and to taste their coffee – so I picked up a few bags of coffee which wasn’t flavoured by hazelnut, vanilla or banana……….

Then made my way back to Koloa – found an excellent park and browsed the shops – the village used to be a sugar distribution point and now the old homes and warehouses have been converted to shops – lots of unique little shops to browse at except for the candle shop – you could smell the candle shop half a block away but when you got into the shop and smelt the candles (e.g. coconut, pineapple etc) you couldn’t smell anything – I suspected that they put oil burners out so I didn’t buy anything there and wanted to call it the fraud shop.

While I was here I bought a coconut turnover (much like an apple turnover) and a latte and headed out to the park to eat it – I was sitting under a large tree when a lone chicken came up and started squawking – I kind of felt sorry for the lone chicken and gave it some of my turnover – bloody hell, the chickens have learnt from the seagulls – suddenly from out of the bushes 30 chickens came running (and I mean running) out to me and I was surrounded by chickens of all shapes and sizes. People who came into the park took one look at me and headed off in the other direction – that’s the crazy chicken lady over there (you have to mentally add me scratching constantly as well)……anyway my coconut turnover was proving more filling that I ever thought so I pulled off a rather large chunk and threw it into the chicken mob hoping that would keep them going for awhile – one chicken picked up the whole large piece and ran off into the bushes with his prize. All the other chickens not wanting to miss out, started running after him and thankfully I was left with just the lone chicken at my feet (I suspect the lone chicken rotates with the other chickens)……….

Chicken free, I headed back to the car and drove off south to find this blowhole that was mentioned in the guide books. The guide books says the blowhole is a bit of a hit and miss affair depending on the tides. But I wasn’t deterred. Found it no problems and surprisingly it was putting on a show – I’m sure it could go much higher if it was really rough but the height was just fine for me. After I was ambling back to the car, this crazy looking surfer dude on a bike pulled up next to me and said there’s a seal down there – now I wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not so I said something polite – oh that’s nice – but then he said, no there really is a seal down there – and sure enough there was this huge seal flat out on his back fast asleep – he looked absolutely pooped and the surfer dude said there were lots of sharks hanging about so that’s why he was up on the rocks………..

After witnessing the blowhole in all its glory I headed off to Poipu Beach – this is the most sheltered beach on Kauai and its where all the high end resorts are – Hyatt, Marriott and some names I had never head of – lots of Ferraris and other convertibles were being driven around here – I took a walk to the beach which is unique for having two coves next to each separated only by some sand – it was here that I laughed when I saw a lone chicken cross the road and then there was this crazy moped driver who wore a pink helmet and his Chihuahua who was sitting the back had exactly the same shade and style but small enough for his head ride past. The beach was pretty much full on here and not much space so on a whim I decided to head up to the north coast which I didn’t think we’d have time for.

It was a long drive up to the north coast – I decided that I would literally drive until the road ran out – its only 43 miles but because it’s a single lane and very windy it takes forever. Up north the island is very wet and lush and the rain clouds hang low over the mountains – I kept driving and driving thinking the road would finally end but it never seemed to – so I kept going over mountains, down valleys, through double single lane bridges, creeks and past many beaches and finally came to the end which ended in a roundabout at a national park – this national park is famous as the place they filmed South Pacific – and when I finally made it there was a traffic jam on the round-about – why? – because a rooster refused to move out of the middle of the road and all the greenies refused to run him over so we were at a stand off (Hawaiian style). Finally a few people jumped out of their cars and shooed him away – it took awhile – he wasn’t moving…………

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